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Bewertungen zu Artikel "Salzburger Getreidemühle MT 5 N Naturstein"

Von: Bettina R. 07.11.2016

Wunderbare Getreidemühle

Zum ersten Mal den Duft von frisch gemahlenem Mehl gerochen-das kann man mit nichts vergleichen. Die Mühle mahlt toll, auch als Anfänger kann man sie sofort bedienen. Ich würde sie jederzeit wieder kaufen!

Von: Helmut T. 01.05.2016

Perfekt in Leistung und Preis

Ich besitze diese wunderschöne Mühle seit etwa 30 Jahren und mahle die letzten 15 Jahre durchschnittlich 350 Kg pro Jahr, die vorherigen Jahre waren es doppelt so viel.
Die Steine sind naturgemäß etwas abgenützt, aber sie mahlt immer noch feines Mehl zum Brotbacken. Ich freue mich jedesmal über die schöne Form der Mühle und ihre
Zuverläßlichkeit über all die Jahre.
Vielen Dank dafür.
Helmut Thürauf

Von: Birgit G. 25.10.2015


Eine schöne, solide Getreidemühle.
Perfekt verarbeitet, tolles Holz. Sie schrotet und mahlt stufenlos
einstellbar bis zu feinem Mehl. Wir haben uns dafür entschieden,
da die Mahlkammer aus Holz ist und Natursteine - wie früher
in den Mühlen - das Mehl vermahlen. Empfehlenswert!

Von: Robert T. 26.12.2012

I spent a great deal of time, researching grain mills online, and having assimilated the information available, decided that this was the product that most appealed.
This particular brand does not seem to be readily available in the UK, however is available, with easy payment and delivery options from this website. I took the plunge and made the purchase!
The communication was excellent and delivery very swift, within 36 hours, to the UK, gold stars to both this firm and also UPS.
The mill was well packaged, double boxed, and obviously a premium product, initial impressions were very favourable. I utilised a continental to Uk 3 pin plug adaptor and downloaded an English translation of the operating instructions from a NZ website, as perhaps surprisingly, the only instructions present are in German. Having no previous experience of wheat milling these instructions are a prerequisite before use.
The use of this machine, to me at any rate, has been a revelation, I have successfully baked a number of batches of whole meal loaves, ground up some wheat for pancakes, whilst also incorporated some milled wheat in some other baking, with good results. I suspect that I am now a convert to this "lifestyle" choice, and will recommend this machine highly.
I am not generally given to writing reviews, but this has been a very favourable experience, and hope this review is useful to others contemplating this decision.

Von: Trevor M. 13.10.2012

EXCELLENT real granite stone flour mill

This is a truly beautifully designed and constructed flour mill. There has been a lot of care taken in the design of this beautiful mill, and it was the only one that had 100% natural solid granite stone milling surfaces flour mill that we could find.

The adjustment for the fineness of the flour is VERY easy to operate even when the mill is in operation. We have used several flour mills in the past but this is by far the easiest to operate. Another mill we had in the past the grinding stones were made from granite pieces bound in a "natural" cement, in a cast aluminium housing with the adjustment for fineness of the flour grind only being about to be done with the machine off, and it would often seize up, which meant turning off the machine and then struggling to undo the tightened thread of the 2 aluminium casings of the 2 parts of the grinding stones. There is not problem with this in the Salzburger MT5 as the 2 grinding stones are locked together with a simple easy to do and undo bayonet fitting system! EXCELLENT… no more cursing when milling as the the problems have been removed in the design of the mill!

The timber construction of the housing is exceptionally well done and a pleasure to look at on the kitchen bench top whether it be in a very modern/contemporary kitchen or a more of a rustic farmhouse style. Being an almost all timber construction makes it very pleasing to the touch, as one is not handling aluminium or plastic which are not healthy items to have in association with foodstuff, and timber is also always neutral in temperature to touch and not cold or hot like metal.

Considering what the machine is having to actually do to the grain it is relatively quite and is VERY MUCH quieter than the other flour mill that we have owned which was almost deafening to be near!

The quality of the flour that the MT5 produces is extremely good quality. The only thing we found was that we need to make sure the grain is suitably dry, as there was a very slight amount of clinging of flour near the start of the flour exit slot near the grinding stones, but this is undoubtedly due to our somewhat wet winter that we have had here this year and our grain probably has a higher moisture content than it normally would have. We are sure this will not be an issue once we store our grain better.

It is such a pleasure to support a company that takes great pride in what they make, and one that has a very strong belief in the health giving properties of their products, and one that uses sustainable and natural materials in the making of them.

We would MOST DEFINITELY recommend the Salzburger MT 5 granite stone flour mill to everyone, and we are already spreading the word to friends about the quality of the machine.

Many many thanks to the excellent customer service of Perfekte Gesundheit Shop… it is VERY MUCH appreciated.

Von: Dieter N. 25.08.2012

So soll es sein

Die Mühle mahlt wirklich sehr feines Mehl. Wir sind sehr zufrieden, auch mit der guten vorherigen telefonischen Beratung.

Von: Carmen K. 09.02.2012

Eine tolle Mühle, top Verarbeitung, Naturstein und Mahlkammer aus Holz. Wenn schon Natur, dann wird dieses Thema hier konsequent umgesetzt

Von: Dr. M. 14.02.2010

Gutes Produkt! Einfach konstruiert, formschön, robust. Tut was es soll...

Von: G. 01.09.2009

Wie versprochen - feines Mehl. Keine zu laute Maschine.
Nie wieder gekauftes Mehl.